Bowen Island Bowfest 2015
Bowfest 2015 Celebrating 40 yrs of Tradition
Live Music on stage
Country Fair

Mythical Creatures From Around The World

Bowfest 2015 Parade

Kick off 10:30am

The Bowfest Parade kicks off the morning of Saturday August 29th beginning at 10:30 am, coming down Government Road starting at the BICS parking lot.

Live Music on stage

On Stage

The bulk of the day revolves around the entertainers that keep the crowds going, get us onto the field dancing, and help to sweep the night away.

This year's Lineup

  • Panel Style

    Earl Jenkins

    Singer and Song Writer

    See Earl Jenkins sing
    with a big voice and
    his acoustic guitar on stage.
  • Parallax

    The Heels

    New Country!

    The Heels are Kyla Rawlins,
    Brittni Dominelli Georgia Dominelli
    and are a Bowen Island Favourite!
  • Black Molly Band

    Black Molly

    Rock, Pop & Blues

    People love to
    dance when.
    Black Molly plays.
  • Image Sources

    Mika Tubinshlak

    Singer and Song Writer

    Mika Tubinshlak's lyrics
    are musical poetry
    for your ears.
  • UIkit

    The Fatback Players


    Listen to the
    smooth sounds of
    The Fatback Players.
  • Handdrawn

    Teun Schut Jazz Band

    Modern Contemporary Jazz

    Modern Contemporary Jazz
    Buff Allen, Rob Bailey
    and Tuen Schut.
  • Style Variations

    Adam Woodall Band


    Diverse and unique,
    Adam Woodall Band
    a crowd pleaser.

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